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On 13th March 1895, in the same year H. G. Wells published his ‘Time Machine’, Nikola Tesla working on his electrical resonant transformer accidently caused a massive electro-magnetic pulse which shifted time across to an alternate parallel world. Only a few people noticed the difference…..

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The Space Between Time
The Space Between Time i
From t he Time Travel Diaries of James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester
In these extracts from the Time Travel Diaries we find the intrepid couple enjoying a peaceful and romantic picnic by the River Rother when a motor launch turns up complete with Mr Wells. Apparently, a certain Mr Tesla has conducted one of his electro-magnetic experiments which has fractured time and dumped everyone in an alternative world of 1895. The problem is that only a few people have noticed the difference. Mr Wells wondered if James and Elizabeth would like to help.
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