The Space Between Time

“On 13th March 1895, in the same year H. G. Wells published his ‘Time Machine’, Nikola Tesla working on his electrical resonant transformer caused a massive E-M pulse which shifted time across to an alternate parallel world."

Only a few people noticed the difference….

In these extracts from the Time Travel Diaries we find the intrepid couple enjoying a peaceful and romantic picnic by the River Rother when a motor launch turns up complete with Mr Wells.

Apparently, a certain Mr Tesla has conducted one of his electro-magnetic experiments which has fractured time and dumped everyone in an alternate world of 1895.

The problem is that only few people have noticed the difference. Mr Wells wondered if James and Elizabeth would like to help....

The fourth book from the Time Travel Diaries of James Urquhart,and Elizabeth Bicester,


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the space between time
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