Bruce Macfarlane is a retired Health Physicist who lives with his wife on the south coast of England, just a few minutes’ walk from the sea. When he’s not researching King Arthur, he’s out walking on the South Downs with his wife and his friends trying to remember all the names oft the flowers and mushrooms his wife has identified. When it’s raining he can be found sometimes in his "shed" as his wife calls it, trying to master new jazz chords. A life of writing scientific reports and reading early science fiction, especially the genre of time travel such as the works of Anderson, Simak and Wells encouraged him to start writing his own novels about the adventures of a modern man and a Victorian lady whom he met at a cricket match in 1873. His stories have been described as “Tom Holt meets P.G. Wodehouse meets Philip K. Dick meets Fortean Times.” Information on the places and people he uses can be found on his blog .THE TIME TRAVEL DIARIES
Illustrations for the Diaries.. During writing the Time Travel Diaries I created many illustrations You can see some of them on DeviantArt DeviantArt
A Note from the Author on the Time Travel Diaries

You may find the format of the Time Travel Diaries unusual. They are written in the form of an epistolary novel whereby the diaries of the two main characters, Elizabeth and James, are combined and narrated in a sequence by a fictional author, Professor Rolleston. The reason for this was simple. I wanted the hero and heroine to present the adventure from their own perspectives. To do this, firstly, I decided that Rolleston’s narration should take the form of alternative passages from each diary so that it progresses first by one character and then the other. And second, the narratives of Elizabeth and James should be in their own conversational style so that they became characters in their own right. I hope that makes sense and I hope you enjoy the story.

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