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The Time Travel Diaries


James Urquhart & Ekizabeth Bicester

by Bruce Macfarlane

'Elizabeth's garden is an enchantment

But it is hard to find ,

For it is not always there..'

enchanted garden

Here are the diaries of the incredible adventures of James Urquhart, minor science lecturer and sometime rambler, living in 2015 and Elizabeth Bicester of Hamgreen Lodge whom he stumbles upon at a cricket match in 1873.

They are narrated by Professor Rolleston who discoverd them in the attic of Elizabeth's House at Hamgreen and has spent much of his life's work, when not hunting fairies, trying to assemble the diaries into a meaningful order.

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Author's Bio.

bruce macfarlane

Bruce Macfarlane is a retired Health Physicist who lives with his wife on the south coast of England, just a few minutes’ walk from the sea. When he’s not researching King Arthur, he’s out walking on the South Downs with his wife and his friends trying to remember all the names oft the flowers and mushrooms his wife has identified.

When it’s raining he can be found sometimes in his "shed" as his wife calls it, trying to master new jazz chords.

A life of writing scientific reports and reading early science fiction, especially the genre of time travel such as the works of Anderson, Simak and Wells encouraged him to start writing his own novels about the adventures of a modern man and a Victorian lady whom he met at a cricket match in 1873.

His stories have been described as “Tom Holt meets P.G. Wodehouse meets Philip K. Dick meets Fortean Times.”

Information on the places and people he uses can be found on his blog .



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